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BMW R80/7 Custom – UM-Gold by Untitled Motorcycles

Now gold is not normally a colour that you would associate with anything with wheels, they can look very tacky and cheap ironically. But Untitled Motorcycles have produced this gorgeous BMW R80/7 Custom covered in gold leaf and it looks amazing. I’ve always loved Untitled Motorcycles…

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Custom Kawasaki KZ1000 by Untitled Motorcycles

Once again Untitled Motorcycles have created this stunning Custom Kawasaki KZ1000 and presented it beautifully. Built for Anthony van Someren from the UK website the Bike shed he said he needed a second bike. Anthony said he wanted “Something that would balance bullet-proof reliability with custom…

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Custom BMW R80 Motorcycle – The UM#2 by Untitled Motorcycles

As we get the first sprinkling of snow and the country is bordering on marshall law I found time to search for new custom motorcycles based in the UK. After hours of searching I found Untitled Motorcycles and there beautifully crafted UM#2 motorcycle which gave…

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