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Lamborghini Veneno – Racing Prototype for the Road

Lamborghini have finally got there mojo back with the stunning Lamborghini Veneno concept. I’ve felt over the last couple of years that they have just become a little too sensible, they make amazing cars but not like they used to do, until now. This looks like…

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Lamborghini SUV Concept Urus – Move aside Porsche Cayenne

Introducing the new Lamborghini SUV Concept  the Urus. Lamborghini of yesteryear produced some of the most bonkers life on the edge cars. Since Audi took over they have still produced some amazing cars that drive beautifully and look amazing but seem to lack that “Will I die…

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Extreme Lightweight Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

The manufacturer whose cars have been on more bedroom walls then Pamela Anderson and now has produced for me one of the most sensational beautiful looking cars of all time. The concept of Italian super car manufacturer Lamborghini was to create an extreme lightweight special edition to add…

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