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Digital Hot Rod Art by Matthias-Oliver Becker

I love what Matthias-Oliver has achieved here with his stunning hot rod art. Based in Saarbrucken, Germany Matthias-Oliver Becker specialises in illustration, web design and web development. He stated on his Behance profile that these hot rod illustrations where just doodles and rough drawings which is quite something. To have…

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Vintage Hot Rod Festival Short Film Cry Baby 3

Matt black bodies, chrome, red rims and polka dots are all the ingredients for this beautifully shot short film. Featuring some seriously cool custom old vintage cars all with a warm retro feel to the film. The film was produced by Skill Lab and features Linda & Caro in…

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Cool Vintage Look American Car Photography

I love early American cars and I cam across these hot rod and vintage car photographs while doing my usual search online. Not sure who these are by but I really like them, I love that old fashioned, slightly washed out colour look the photographer…

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