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Dime City Cycles “Sixty Five” Honda CB450 Rigid Bobber Interpretation

Welcome to the Dime City Cycles “Sixty Five” custom Honda bobber a simple, minimalist & cleaned lined stunning custom motorcycle. Dime City’s thinking behind this project was “an interpretation of what a factory rigid Honda 450 would look like if Soichiro Honda had a taste…

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ICON 1000 – Magnificent Bastard Honda VF1000R

This is the only 1986 Honda VF1000R on earth fit to roam around the dirty violent wastelands of a post apocalyptic Mad Max, this big heavy brute of a bike looks fantastic but also shouts get the hell out the way with its big steel frame and…

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Honda CX500 STREET TRACKER : Paris

Stripped naked in Paris, the amazing custom Honda CX500 Street Tracker from Rive Gauche Kustoms. I love the white engine and the void infront of the rear wheel and with those chunky tyres this is a fantastic looking bike. Checkout the Rive Gauche Kustoms facebook page for…

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Joe’s ‘Lucky 13’ CB450 Cafe Racer

I’m just getting into the whole cafe racer culture, loving the vintage design from the 60’s mixed with modern technology. I love beautiful and clean cut design and that don’t shout out that they are custom. In this case I think its the subtlety of the paint…

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PROJECT CX: CX500 Cafe Racer

This  CX500 Cafe Racer has always been a favourite of mine and also the inspiration for me to start Moto Verso. So I saw it fit to explain who is behind this fantastic bike. I found it while searching the web and just fell in love with it….

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