William Stern Photography awakes the Green Monster

Firstly what an amazing car William Stern has had the pleasure of photographing and secondly what an amazing job he has done! The Green Monster has been perfectly photographed capturing that beautiful lime green colour so that it really stands out. The contrast between the car and the location is stunning, the industrial garage and back lighting both make the car stand out and look fantastic in there own right. It always helps when the car that you are shooting is a bit different and I think the fact that the car is perfectly finished and in fact one of my dream cars but it takes a real talent to really make these colours work in a photograph and William has done this so well.

William Stern Photography work with all kinds of cars from Range Rovers to Ferraris and in all of his work there is a perfect blend of car and location which I absolutely adore, check out his flickr page  to see all of his other work. I find it so interesting when I search for car photography just what I can find when I start looking, there really is a lot of huge talent out there and I love showing to other people. I hope to feature more of Williams work as I can’t stop looking and the Green Monster he shot and hope you all enjoy them too.

Images: William Stern Photography

Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/59622938@N00/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/williamsternphotos