Wheels and Waves 2014 Southsiders MC by Laurent Nivalle

Laurent Nivalle has to be my favourite automotive photographer of all time and have featured his work many times on Moto Verso. His style and look fits in with everything I love and admire on two and four wheels. Laurent Nivalle has captured the Wheels and Waves 2014 Southsiders MC meeting. He has captured the most amazing collection of custom motorcycles and the very stylish cool people behind the machines. U have never scene a photographer who can capture a persons spirit in a photograph… the sign of a true professional passionate about the subject.There are six all together. Most of the time, we see them on the roads in the South-West of France or in their garage in Toulouse, where they spend time customizing their own bikes. Their names are Vincent Prat, Jerôme Allé, Frédéric Antoine, Benoit Guerry, Thierry de Miras and Julien Azé. Together, they form the crew Southsiders. As they share a common passion for classic and custom motorcycles, the Southsiders launched their blog in 2008 giving them a platform to share pictures, fashion, articles and everything involved in the custom scene. The blog also documents their travels and the people they meet.

They introduced more information about their annual gathering in Biarritz in the Bay of Biscay, France. A local and informal event at the time, which we know better today as Wheels and Waves. You will see the finest collection of custom motorcycles has to offer in Europe with people travelling from all over the world to take part in this now famous event. I thank you Southsiders MC for starting something wonderful! This has started something big with more events being held all over the world bringing cafe racers and customs together.

Website: behance.net

Pictures © Laurent Nivalle

Wheels and Waves 2014 Southsiders MC by Laurent Nivalle Wheels and Waves 2014 Southsiders MC by Laurent Nivalle Wheels and Waves 2014 Southsiders MC by Laurent Nivalle Wheels and Waves 2014 Southsiders MC by Laurent Nivalle Wheels and Waves 2014 Southsiders MC by Laurent Nivalle 10575419_10152670779341812_9122376882591507831_o 10572027_10152670778596812_3421434234814625846_o 10571955_10152670780201812_4190226157733279969_o 10560405_10152670780301812_8461600550119667006_o 10557619_10152670780021812_809843761432694869_o 10557020_10152670777506812_371685446227115814_o 10556968_10152670778356812_4748767576716551101_o 10556959_10152670777911812_4134974649640384099_o 10553869_10152670779226812_6783437819963652090_o 10551456_10152670779846812_6590511323382128500_o 10549255_10152670778576812_4376527409702996853_o 10548875_10152670778771812_3874624055443592493_o 10548197_10152670778006812_3934945521514119157_o 10548101_10152670790536812_7664798846792483802_o 10541437_10152670781991812_5967283286606182440_o 10536573_10152670780816812_7171953649259087930_o 10535791_10152670781956812_8735816882196000354_o 10533171_10152670791566812_5994185188273347937_o 10531354_10152670789781812_7072252604513805481_o 10506782_10152670780511812_4641520062251485850_o 10499556_10152670790166812_8975583020952247744_o 10499437_10152670779146812_2470410391752018233_o 10498705_10152670781021812_7808432820582740632_o 10498691_10152670789166812_8276944602927119394_o 10498326_10152670778471812_3649908606581355979_o 10497145_10152670776496812_5177789940276941413_o 10495001_10152670789001812_7784943658134126916_o 10494316_10152670777801812_2189382591634101159_o 10492942_10152670780356812_6448506687867804517_o 10492942_10152670778571812_7299688064463911632_o 10488759_10152670779216812_5729173779023529954_o 10486626_10152670781816812_2657652575638517161_o 10485419_10152670783771812_1292089054415903846_o 10482011_10152670780681812_1176577927931548988_o 10460565_10152670777396812_4366302780561005729_o 10450268_10152670782261812_217024940893168562_o 10448563_10152670780876812_5255490443528381014_o 10443248_10152670782931812_6954648126065731308_o 10382355_10152670790636812_6836708020892065114_o 10380873_10152670780241812_5241764318982321000_o 10293552_10152670792191812_65503198598453287_o 10257510_10152670778456812_1183143322915236077_o 1974391_10152670778751812_2401899696319951546_o 1974001_10152670779721812_2216660128930729550_o