Swedish Style with Oskar Bakke’s Top 10 Car Photographs

Oscar Blake has a totally unique style when it come to car photography, based in Stockholm Sweden he has photographed some of the worlds most exotic super cars and customised cars in some of the most beautiful locations on earth. Oscar kindly selected his personal favourite’s for this post and chosen these stunning images out of the thousands of cars he has captured. He has a special way of centring the your attention directly to the car and then you notice the stunning landscapes and natural beauty that surrounds them.

If I had to choose one out of all these I think it would have to be the Morgan that really stands out but I also think that the Lamborghini is almost the perfect photograph. The way the background is slightly out of focus and the car itself is crystal clear almost makes the image look unreal until you step back and take a closer look. I think the fact that the Morgan is in motion and the colour of the surrounding trees makes the car look even more elegant.

Images: Oskar Bakke

Website: www.oskarbakke.com