Laurent Nivalle’s Epic Men’s Cars Series – Alex & his Chevrolet El Camino 350

Once more Laurent Nivalle has  delivered again with his latest addition to his stunning Men’s Car Series showcasing Alex and his Chevrolet El Camino 350 on the road. His photographs always look so natural and never staged which I think massively adds to the appeal, not to mention the fact that all the cars featured in his Men’s Cars Series are perfectly cool customs. I’m not sure just where the photo shoot took place but I’m sure these have been taken on a road trip taken with Laurent & Alex and just happened to take his camera along, what a life to lead I’m very much in ore. Finished in matt black with black rims this is one seriously sweet looking El Camino, the interior has been left as it should be apart from the steering wheel which has been replaced with a rather fitting chrome chain.

To be honest I don’t think it would matter what car was being photographed they would still come out looking cool. If your reading this Laurent I challenge you to make a Men’s Car Series with an Austin Maestro maybe one of the most uncool cars ever made to see if my theory is right.