Laurent Nivalle Photography Captures Le Mans Classic 2012 Perfectly

I’ve featured Laurent Nivalle photography before featuring the 2011 Le Mans Classic,  when I noticed he had posted his latest motorsport photography pictures I was straight on the site to check them out. While browsing the rest of his photography and most dribbling at the high quality of his work I finally got to the images I’d been waiting for.You really do have to sit back get a drink and relax to take time to go through the entire Le Mans Classic 2012 collection and really appreciate just what he has captured here. He in my opinion he has the ability captures motorsport perfectly, capturing more than just beautiful cars but an entire ethos and mentality of a racing fuel soaked pit lane.

Classic cars do photography well, now I’m not saying that it’s easy to take the perfect photograph of a car but it helps when the subject is nice to start of with. Even when the gods are against you and it rains I think it adds more to the atmosphere and I’m sure you will all agree that these are absolutely stunning.

Images: Laurent Nivalle Photography