Festival Lotus Photography by Laurent Nivalle

There is only one man that could be responsible for this beautiful Festival Lotus Photography and that’s the legend that is Laurent Nivalle. He’s captured a great collection of vintage Lotus including the super cool Lotus 7 which I never thought made it over the pond. The fantastic vintage style of Laurent’s photography is what I love, every shot is great and shows everything of to it’s best.

It’s nice to see a fine collection of Lotus all on track at the same time, especially when it’s an old school banked corner. The in car photography is really cool and makes you feel like your in the thick of the action and almost like your driving the car.

There is some really nice examples of classic Lotus on show here, it’s a company and brand close to my heart with it being a good Great British brand that is loved around the world. The produce some of the most amazing beautifully made cars on the planet and Mr Nivalle has done them justice with this photographic set. You can probably tell I’m a huge fan of Laurent Nivalle and have featured lots of his work. His work also features in our new top ten section on Moto Verso which is a big thing, well it is for us.

Images: Copyright © Laurent Nivalle

Website: laurentnivalle.fr

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