Car Photographer Bas Fransen’s Personal Top Ten Images

Bas Fransen has chosen his top ten favorite car photographs he’s taken in the last two years out of the hundreds of stunning images he’s captured. I’ve tried to show in the past the best of car photography and I thought I had and then I found an old bookmark in Flickr for Bas Fransen Photography and I instantly wanted to add it to the blog showcasing the best of his work. Bas kindly allowed me to use some of his images and wrote a few words introducing himself and his work.

“For a couple of years now I’ve been active as a car photographer. Without any education or training in photography, already my photographs have been realised in some Magazine publications in The Netherlands but also in Switzerland. I’m very proud about that.
In the mean time I’m busy with car photography for a couple of car companies but I also do photoshoots with car owners.”

I love how Bas captures the car’s in his photography and particularly like the top down view and all the unusual angles that he shots from. Most will say that if it’s a beautiful car then it will photograph well, true but it takes real still to make it into a truly stunning image that stands out from the rest and Bas’s photography’s jump out at you.