3.0 BMW CSL Art Car Photography by Peter Aylward

This stunning set of photographs has been done by Peter Aylward from Windsor, UK. His latest set slapped me in the face the second I laid eyes on it with beautiful colours and an amazing monster BMW as the subject. If you are wanting to get into automotive photography then I suggest you take note of these images, the look and feel of them suggests a vintage softness but captured the pure racing spirit oozing from every nut and bolt. The car itself is a 3.0 BMW CSL form the historic touring car series featuring cars from the 70s, 80s and 90s on the same grid and Peter takes credit for the BMW CSL Art Car Photography.

The drivers include Colin Turkington, the 2014 BTCC champion driver who competes in the eBay sponsored BMW 1 series. Sam Hancock, a former European Le Mans Series Champion and veteran of seven Le Mans 24 Hour. And Sam Thomas, owner of Sam Thomas Racing, the guys that made the CSL what it is today and prepare it and many other historic racing cars in various series.

So a little history behind the art car. In 1975 Alexander Calder created the first BMW Art car in the now famed series. It was commissioned by auctioneer and racing driver Hervé Poulain and competed in the world famous Le Mans endurance race. Sadley it failed to finish, retiring after 9 hours with universal joint failure. Unfortunately it was also one of Alexander Calder’s last pieces as he died later the same year.

With the intention to pay tribute to the original which has travelled the world in exhibitions but is sadly never driven. This car started life as a standard CSL road car. It’s been painstakingly prepared starting with the correct original CSL dry sump. Painted to represent the Art Car using all original wings and fenders with around 1000 hours spent on the bodywork before it even reached the paint-shop. Pushing roughly 420bhp, running on slicks it weighs as close to 1000Kg’s as they can get it.

2015 will be an interesting year for me as I plan to do my first car restoration with a BMW at the centre of things. Not 100% sure which one yet but this has certainly given me plenty of ideas!

Behance: behance.net/peteraylward

Website: peteraylward.co.uk

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