1970 Chevy Pickup C10 by Scotrod Photography

For those of you who have visited my blog before I not only love custom bikes but also dropped classics like this stunning 1970 Maroon Chevy Pickup by Hale’s Speed Shop. It’s had a LQ9 engine swap giving it a huge 6.0 litre and guessing about 345bhp. So this beast doesn’t just look amazing it’s got the power to back it up. I just love how it looks with the solid classic huge black hubs hiding away in the wheel arches dropped to within an inch of it;s life. The paint this pick up look brilliant, never thought matt maroon would appeal to me but god it looks amazing. The lines are so clean on this build, all crap removed from the exterior leaves it looks uber cool.

The quality of the images for Hale’s is all down to Scotrod Photography who always impress me with there work and location choices. Always sets the car perfectly and captures the best of each vehicle they shoot in there own unique style, bloody love it!

Photography  facebook.com/ScotrodPhotography

Build  facebook.com/Hales-Speed-Shop

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