1967 Toyota 2000 GT Photography by Desert Motors

As regular readers will know I have a soft spot for the 1967 Toyota 2000 GT so when I came across this beautiful photography by Desert Motors I had to share them with you. I love how Patrick Ernzen works the creative mind behind all the stunning photographs in this post and many others from Desert Motors that I have featured on Moto Verso in the past. Great working of the light at sunset really works well with a white car capturing those great warm tones on the paintwork and chrome. Only a handful of cars ever made can match the beauty and grace of the Toyota with the E-type Jaguar and Aston Martin DB5 coming to mind. It’s a rare thing from Japan as they do make epic cars just none of them ever matched this. Hopefully one day they will step up and create something amazing! This also had the great honour of staring in a Bond film and they know a thing or two about style and finesse.

How rare is the 1967 Toyota 2000 GT

The 1976 Toyota 2000 GT is a rare car with a total of 351 production cars (of which only 84 were left-hand drive) being built during its four year lifespan. As you can imagine prices are on the rise, an example like this will cost you in the neighbourhood of $1,000,000, if not more. RM Auctions has sold two of them in the past year, a 1968 for $935,000 and a 1967 for $1,155,000. Best get saving if you want this in your garage as they are only going to get more expensive.

Images: Patrick Ernzen

Website: www.desert-motors.com/

1967 Toyota 2000 GT

1967 Toyota 2000 GT

1967 Toyota 2000 GT