Zion Express Custom Motorcycle by Pangea Speed

Today’s post is one of the more different looking motorcycles I’ve featured on the website, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like it I absolutely love it, why… because it’s different and something that I haven’t seen before. The team responsible for this master piece of engineering are Salt Lake City based custom bike builders Pangea Speed. It’s a beautiful blend of old and new from me, I don’t know too much detail about this bike so if anyone can fill me in I’ll update the post. I admire any company that is willing to make something a bit different, not affraid break the mould and this is why I love this bike, it’s white plastic look tank and red leather seat work brilliantly. I love the matt black wheels it really finished the bike of well and the attention to detail with beautifully machined componants this is really really impress bike.

The photography and presentation of the Zion Express are second to none and the pictures have come out so well.

Website www.pangeaspeed.com