Custom Yamaha XS 650 SE by Left Hand Cycles

I really like the simplicity of this Custom Yamaha XS 650 SE by Left Hand Cycles. A simple approach sometimes just works better, but it shows of the beauty and skill of the engineering as your eyes aren’t distracted by fancy graphics. The terracotta red on the tank looks well especially as it has a satin finish.  I also like that the inner of the front brake district matches the colour of the tank, it’s a nice touch but it stands out on the Yamaha.
The short custom exhaust has been hand crafted by LHC along with the seat and all electronics on the bike.
Front Tyre – Heidenau K34
Rear Tyre – Avon Speedmaster
Seat – LHC
Electric – LHC
Exhaust – LHC
Front/backlight – Bates/Texas
Engine – Full Restored
Wheels / Frame powdercoated
DSC_0006 DSC0069b DSC00121b P1040808