Triumph Bonneville SE Custom – Dusty Pearl by Maccomotors

This gorgeous Triumph Bonneville SE Custom called the Dusty Pearl has been built by Maccomotors. This is the third amazing bike by these guys and what a great build it is. The bike owner is Juan Manuel and was inspired by the first build that Macco did, he wanted them to build an industrial-looking bike and retro at the same time. The first thing that they changed was the rims and added new spoked rims to give it that sweet look. One of the most note worthy contributions in Dusty Pearl are the handmade side panels that left the rear brake pump outside. The Spokes rims are 18”  at the front and 17” on the rear with Metzeler tourance 140 on the rear and a Dunlop 110 on  front.

I really like the exhaust system on the bike made by Supertrap and with the heat shield wrap it looks really cool. All the work has been carried out by Maccomotors along with the cool paint on the bike. The light brown leather seat which was also made by Maccomotors and it really sets it apart from other builds. I really like this bike I’m already a huge fan of Bonneville’s but I have to say this is my all time favourite.

Images: Segio Ibarra from Semimate