Thunder Chunky 1994 Kawasaki ZX-7 from ICON 1000

Icon 1000 have a certain style that only they can pull off, worn, dark beasts that rumble quietly in the distance until they are upon you growing and snarling at you with an intimidating stance fit only for a man a cool as Chuck Norris or even Mad Max himself. As always the custom motorcycle has been photographed beautifully by Icon 1000 and certainly do the bike justice.

Icon 1000 explains this bitch of a bike in a style only them could do”The name alone makes most men regret certain choices in their lives. ThunderChunky, or T-Clap as she was affectionately known, was a close air support tarmac pig. The relic of a lost conflict, she had been resigned to a mechanized internment camp.”

With upgrade performance, Swedish suspension and an Italian exhaust this bike is very well kitted out, I love the lights which I believe are Japanese.

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