The Vulcan by OEM – One Hell of a Honda CB250

I’m going to start of by saying how the hell have I missed Old Empire Motorcycles on my quest for custom perfection! This beautiful 1970’s Honda CB250 has been crafted by OEM is is available to order aptly named the Vulcan. Firstly it’s a cool name and pulls at any British citizens heart strings reminding them of the heroic Avro Vulcan Bomber, secondly it’s the Roman God of fire and forge metalworking. So by name alone it’s already got pedigree and kudos so it’s a bloody good job it’s an amazing custom motorcycle.

The Vulcan by OEM has a 70’s Honda CB250 twin is the power plant, clamped within the heavily yet carefully modified frame, the centre piece to a dark, sleek and beautiful custom build. I love the angular headlight with yellow tint, you don’t see this often but OEM say “it compliments the fighter plane like tail section and the specially sourced forks keep the stance of bike low and lean”. Beautifully formed twin exit high level pipes must sound just like they look wrapped in quality heat shield. Another feature to the bike is the beautifully handmade ‘chesterfield’ inspired seat, the perfect finishing touch to a very different breed of motorcycle.

I like the look, it’s been given some thought with combinations of brushed aluminium and polished metal. I love the tank colour, a combination of black and bare metal, not sure how they have achieved it but it looks bloody great!

I’ve said this before but I always feel full of pride when I post about true British made custom motorcycles. Norfolk based OEM are right at the top in the UK creating a handful of one off custom bikes annually which all take their names from Great British automotive, aeronautic and maritime history, “a slight nod of recognition to the people who designed and built these machines for us to be inspired by today.”

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