Suzuki A100 Cafe Racer – A Build by THEKATROS Dedicated To His Father

This sweet looking Suzuki A100 Cafe Racer is the first Suzuki I’ve featured on Moto Verso. This bike was built by Indonesian garage THEKATROS and was a build dedicated to one of the builders father. With a vision of bringing this bike out of an old store room and  reviving it back to life after death. The poor little Suzuki was worn and tired and in need of some special attention to bring it back to it’s former glory. The paint on the tank was a homage to the German flag as his father life has special ties between him and Germany. I love the oil tank on this build made even more special by the sweet dedication graphic’s running under a chequered flag pattern.

THEKATROS have done lots of work on the Suzuki A100 Cafe Racer but it’s more a labour of love with it been a dedication. With sweet Exel rims wrapped in Michelin’s they also customised lots of other parts on the bike including the seat cover, exhaust, lights and a really cool step. The stop light was made by Polaris and the Speedo was done by Koso. They had the handle bars specially made in Java, they did a sweet job as well.

The like to keep things simple and find the most fundamental expressions of motorcycle customising. The don’t focus on work that extremely shiny or bling they just like to make functional and most importantly fun motorcycles. With each bike they produce they try not just to make a bike but to create a lifestyle for each build. THEKATROS described themselves and said ” We stand with our own style.  Defending motorbike identity with only availability is having the key. We stand with our own style with simple lines not making big flashy bikes that try and be legendary.”



Suzuki A100 Cafe Racer - by THEKATROS Dedicated To His Father
Suzuki A100 Cafe Racer - by THEKATROS Dedicated To His Father
Suzuki A100 Cafe Racer - by THEKATROS Dedicated To His Father