Spin Cycle Industries Custom 1982 Yamaha XV750 Virago

Spin City Industries beautifully crafted and customised Yamaha XV750 Virago stripped down to the bare essentials. I love the open back wheel and the brass look folks on this bike with that short cut off exhaust too coming out a beautifully presented engine. The front and rear wheels have different spoke patterns which looks cool as hell and match with a simple gun metal and blue tank this custom motorcycle looks fantastic. The XV750 isn’t the best looking bike to start off with but I take my hat off to the thug like motorcycle they have created.

Eris from Spin Cycle industries says ” I am NOT a custom bike builder.   Well, at least I wasn’t until I bought my first Virago project bike a year or so ago.  Since then I have teamed up with my friend Josh, to build ourselves a couple of pretty sweet 80′s thug bikes.  It’s a lot of fun.  Several friends have started noticing our work; a couple of them asked if we’d be willing to build them a custom ride.  And so, here we are, a sort of fledgeling custom moto company.  We’ll see where this road takes us; we’re always up for a good adventure, especially the moto variety…”

Big thanks to Josh for letting me post the images and check out Alan Brandt Photos as you can see he’s a very talented guy.

Images: alanbrandtphoto.com

Website: spincycleindustries.com