Nero Stalks the Streets of Beijing – Bandit 9’s Custom Motorcycle

Style and presence are the first things that spring to mind when you first see ‘Nero’ from Beijing based Bandit 9. Beijing is definitely the right place to build custom motorcycles with way more bikes been sold than cars each year. The one problem being the lack of custom motorcycles so Daryl Villenueva from the Philippines moved to Beijing and started his own garage to try and fill the void.  He first started riding on the humble 50cc Honda Cub while living in Saigon. It wasn’t long before he modified it: he simply painted the multi-colored bike white, giving it a sleeker and cleaner appearance.

This sinister custom motorcycle has been hand craft and finished in the ever increasingly popular matt black paint job, which is a unique mix to Bandit 9. I featured the Magnus motorcycle by this garage before and really liked there industrial look, that unfinished worn detailing was the major feature of the Magnus and Nero has a hint of that industrial styling too.

Starting with that beautifully crafted angular fuel tank, the matt black short cut exhaust pipes and the unique rear wheel rim the Nero is making a big impression that it’s not just any old motorcycle. For me it’s a blend of several styles with a subtle hint of street scrambler to the low handle bars of a cafe racer either way I love it.