Low Down & Shifty 1974 Yamaha XS650 by Icon 1000

Yet another brute from my favourite custom motorcycle garage Icon 1000, this time its based on a 1974 Yamaha XS650 and still has that bad ass rat bike  / post apocalyptic road stalker vibe about it. With an all in one seat and tank beautifully hand painted with a rather touching Virgin Mary image this bike has so much style that it’s hard to get it all down. I just love there style, from there website to how all the custom motorcycles are presented and photographed. Check out my other posts featuring Icon 1000 to see what I’m on about. Not only do they make fantastic motorcycles but have a huge range of motorcycle clothing with some of the finest motorcycle jackets money can buy.

Icon 1000’s round up of this bike “She was a mess of a machine; 350 lbs of heroin chic executed in cro-moly tube and hand-formed aluminum sheet. Her tremendously overbuilt Yamaha® 650 parallel twin, now sporting 750cc of displacement and grossly optimistic cams, stood proud within her handcrafted perimeter frame.”

Images: Icon 1000

Website: www.icon1000.com