Honda CX500 Custom – Cachet Racer by Nemo Gould

Today’s post is Nemo Gould’s excellent Honda CX500 Custom and is a culmination of years of scheming and months of work. Nemo isn’t a Bike builder by trade but an excellent sculptor and all of the body work was formed by hand from flat sheets of aluminium, not assembled from found forms. The bike is based on a 1979 Honda CX500 which was gifted to Nemo in a non e running state. He got to work stripping down the bike and removing the identity as he put it taking off all body work and plastic mouldings. He worked hard to get his art form to fit the motorcycle learning new techniques along the way until he had a fully hand made custom motorcycle. Once this was achieved the mechanical components for the Honda CX500 Custom were all refurbished, repaired, repainted, or replaced depending on their individual need.

Nemo said “My goal with this project was to produce a fully functional motorcycle that was “Classic, without being nostalgic”. I wanted a break from the murky purpose of producing art, a beautiful machine that I could use, and the development of some new skills that would inform future projects.”

Now this bike might not be to everyone’s taste but I absolutely love it. Like everything its all about the fine details and this has some excellent design ideas. I love the rear of the bike especially the brake light and the really cool radiator cover made from brass. Aluminium is a very unforgiving substrate and shows off all the hard work that Nemo has put into this build but also the level of skill and craftsmanship that goes into creating something as beautiful and well finished as this. The rest of Nemos work is also well worth a look and I was really impressed with what he does.

An extensive journal of the process of building the bike here. For those wondering, “Cachet Racer” is a pun on “Cafe Racer” style motorcycles.


Honda CX500 Custom - Cachet Racer by Nemo Gould Honda CX500 Custom - Cachet Racer by Nemo Gould Honda CX500 Custom - Cachet Racer by Nemo Gould CachetRacer11-990x659 CachetRacer09-990x659 CachetRacer07-990x659 CachetRacer05-659x990 CachetRacer04-990x659 CachetRacer02-990x659 CX500_05-990x659 CachetRacer01-990x659