Honda CB900F Custom – BOLDOR by MOTO BIKE Badajoz

The first thing that drew me to this sweet looking Honda CB900F Custom was the cool paint colours on the tank. Very retro brown with a really nice light gold stripe and frame. Nice to see something different from a black frame on a custom motorcycle. The bike has been produced by Mario Sal from MOTO BIKE Badajoz from Spain.

This is the second project with the first being a Honda CM400T, Mario was inspired by the likes of Wrench Monkee’s and Deus Ex Machina and felling in love with the type of custom bikes they produced. Mario said that his mechanical skills are limited and had to resort to Moto-Bike Workshop in Badjoz to tune the engine on the first Honda. They he met the owner Juan de Dios and Ricardo your mechanic and a beautiful friendship and collaboration was born. This is a really cool looking custom bike, I’d say this is my favourite colour scheme on any bike I’ve seen. It’s a really clean looking well finished bike that just looks really cool.

There next project was this, a Honda CB900F Custom who a customer instantly fell in love with and bought. They have now started to produce many other custom bikes which is a really amazing story. Badajoz is a city of 150,000 inhabitants and seeing the Honda 400 and 900 rolling through the streets word soon spread and interest grow with a new project customising a Honda CB 450DX.

Mario said “Our preparations have no major adjustments to suspension, brakes, wheel changes or expensive accessories. We wanted to demonstrate that with little money you can get great results. The bikes have a thorough mechanical restoration work and an elaborate paint job, plus great care to remove all the unnecessary wires and hide all the electrical system. Contrary to the current trend we like brake lights.”

Images: Mario Sal


Honda CB900F Custom - BOLDOR by MOTO BIKE Badajoz

Honda CB900F Custom - BOLDOR by MOTO BIKE Badajoz

Honda CB900F Custom - BOLDOR by MOTO BIKE Badajoz

Honda CB900F Custom - BOLDOR by MOTO BIKE Badajoz