Custom 1976 Honda CB750 from Moto Hanger

Meet Jon’s daily ride from Moto Hanger based in Fairfax, Virginia USA. This custom bike is based on a 1976 Honda CB750 quoting from Moto Hanger’s website the modifications include: Suzuki trials headlight with h4 bulb, mini mesh tach cover, Kawasaki kz tail, jet black paint, low profile leather seat and leather tank strap. Ceramic header wrap, super trapp exhaust. Powder coated wheels wrapped in firestone tires. Somewhere under all that is the original Honda CB750.

I love the look of this bike with its low down bars, the photography really sells this bike so hat’s of to the Guy’s at Moto Hanger for producing such a high quality well shot bike but the main thing is the bike and I’m sure you’ll all agree is stunning. I love this vintage racing look with a street edge the more I research and the more and look around for custom motorcycles I keep finding new favorites all the time.

Moto Hanger have more bikes on the website and all done to the same high standard and photographed beautifully.