Honda CB750 Copper Cafe Racer

This is the second post in close succession from Robinson’s Speed Shop as they have produced so many great builds I couldn’t just choose one to post about. This stunning Honda CB750 Copper Cafe Racer is a beast finished in some very shiny copper and gold with fine black leather seat. The big engine from the CB750 pokes out from the frame to a mass of exhaust pipes wrapped in a dark heat shield tape with all four pipes gloriously meeting together into one.

It looks like a brute of a bikes and with everything removed that isn’t needed in true cafe racer style I bet the power to weight ratio is insane and goes like a rat up a drainpipe. It’s a great combination to have gold forks and a copper tank you don’t need to do anything else apart from black. Perfect choice of wheels and tyres finish the bike of to the usual high standard I come to expect from these guys.

Great location for a photo shoot as well guy’s. All that grime and graffiti reflecting of the copper tank looks awesome and really shows of the Honda CB750 Copper Cafe Racer.

I like pushing local British talent hence why I have done a few posts about RSS. If you would like you custom motorcycle build posting about on Moto Verso then just get in touch and send me through some information. Show off… you’ve done all the hard work why not!



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