Beautiful Honda CB250 Bobber by Per Ericson

This Honda CB250 Bobber was a Per Ericson’s first attempt to do a garage home-build. The simplicity of the CB250 and the knowledge of the history of the bike, was determining factors in choosing this bike to work on. The double seat, side panels, rear guard, air box, battery box, instrumentation, lights, indicators and the original bars were all removed. The bike was completely stripped and every piece cleaned. The frame and the guards were then re-sprayed with ‘rattle cans’. The wheels were sprayed professionally with a black high-gloss glass coat. The tank was subtly re-shaped, but instead of painted, it was finished with leaf gold, with eight coats of clear on top.

The ignition was re-located to below the tank. The tractor seat, contrary to its appearance, is very comfortable due to its shape. Think of all those farmers that spent 12 hours+ a day on their tractors it’s always going to be comfortable. The rear guard came off a 1977 Ducati SD500, and the rear tire is a white wall Dunlop for a Harley Davidson. Indicators, rear light, speedo and grips are new ‘retro’ parts from MCS. The handlebars came off a BMW 650GS with the cross-bar removed. The front guard is the original that has been cut down. The front light is from a 1970’s Triumph with a new insert. Pod filters were used for the carburetor and the crank house. Gaiters has been added on the fork legs. The rear shocks were replaced with new 13” shocks instead of the original 12” to get clearing for the rear guard.

The photography was also done by Per himself with the beautiful retouching done by Sarah Barker from Pocket Rocket. The images are beautifully finished and I’ve said this all along, not point building a beautiful bike if you don’t show it off correctly with great photography.

Images: Photography by Per Ericson, retouching by Sarah Barker

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