Stunning Custom Yamaha XVS400 Atlas by Bandit 9

I’m always excited to see what’s new from legends Bandit 9 and new release was no exception. The stunning custom Yamaha XVS400 called the ‘Atlas’ is the latest instalment and it’s looks amazing. As usual the motorcycle is beautifully photographed in great moody light and all the great custom features highlighted by cool lighting. Daryl and his guy’s always produce stunning custom motorcycles each being very different from the last and produced in a limited production run so if your lucky you can get your hands on one of them.

The Atlas is the fifth bike to be produced by Beijing based Bandit 9 and is based on a Yamaha XVS400 with a rebuilt engine and transmission. The frame has been totally customised with custom fronts forks, handlebars and brake brackets. Bandit 9 have a certain style that only they can pull off well, it’s unique to them which is really hard to say these days. The style is clean and slick but with attitude and presence that would scare anything of the road. With such a low stance and very angled low handle bars along with it’s old school Harley style fron folks and suspension I love how the rear of the bike looks super modern yet there is s touch of the old at the front.

You’ll also see many more custom parts on the bike all handmade by Bandit 9 including a really cool custom gas tank including a nice raised spine and dual gas caps. A custom leather seat has also been made for the bike which is really small and thin but it fits the flow of the bike. That big beautiful engine has been finished in a satin / matte black with everything including the custom exhaust and side panels. Every little detail has been thought about in this built from the custom brake light, headlight and turn signals which again look very modern with a vintage twist. This is by far and away my favourite build by Darly and his crew, it’s going straight to the top of the list and can’t wait to see a video of this thing riding through the street of Beijing.



Stunning Custom Yamaha XVS400 Atlas by Bandit 9 Stunning Custom Yamaha XVS400 Atlas by Bandit 9 Stunning Custom Yamaha XVS400 Atlas by Bandit 9 Stunning Custom Yamaha XVS400 Atlas by Bandit 9 1_BANDIT9_ATLAS_PROFILE_WIDE_DAY