Custom Triumph Bonneville by FCR Originals

After Top Gear’s homage to British production I felt it right to do a post about a Custom Triumph Bonneville with this beauty created by FCR Originals. Makes you proud to be British that garages all over the world take some already brilliant and make then even better. I adore this bike it’s almost perfect and the paint is fantastic, flat brown with a metallic flake… very cool indeed.

With heat shield tape down the pipes and a really sweet looking satin finish silencer this is one amazing looking bike. I love the hand painted Bonneville by FCR, a really nice touch and a sing that this is a true custom build. All the work and and paint has been done inhouse which is unusual these days to have painters on site. But you can tell that this has made a big difference to the end result and enables FCR to get exactly what they have been looking for. FCR are also highly skilled when it comes to metal work and composite materials and also produce some pretty sweet modern customs too, well worth a look when you have 10 minutes spare.

I was really drawn to the really cool retro dial and switches they have fitted to the Bonneville, reminds me of a 60’s Mustang interior and also gives it major cool points.

Overall this is a really excellent example of a custom Triumph Bonneville and will turn heads where ever it may roam. I can’t wait to see there latest creation with skills in paint, design and Steel, aluminum, stainless steel not to mention the badass looking titanium, it’s going to be special.

Images: Renard Kevin Photography


Custom Triumph Bonneville by FCR Originals