BMW R80 Scrambler the CARNERA by Emporio Elaborazioni Meccaniche

This is one hell of a BMW R80 Scrambler which has taken just over 3 months to complete from design stage to the stunning finished bike we see today. This is the second custom motorcycle that has made it on Moto Verso by the guys at Emporio Elaborazioni Meccaniche. The first was a gorgeous Moto Morini 350 with a beautiful gun metal raw tank. I really like the work that EEM do, if I didn’t it wouldn’t be on the blog and this on is certainly no exception, being my favourite so far.

EEM say that this is a modern vintage scrambler and I can totally see that from this build. The donor bike was a BMW R80 RT and has been totally stripped down removing all the unwanted crap giving them the perfect canvas to create something cool. It’s the little touches of class that I like about the build like the hand made leather footrest and the modified headlight which houses the voltmeter and there signature using two wrenches to support the headlight. The bike has a two into 1 muffler and no air filter, not totally unique but it looks cool as hell on the Carnera.

The colours for the BMW R80 Scrambler are so cool, perfectly capturing the modern vintage look there are after. The redish brown leather goes really well with the cream and silver. It look super stylish with the brown visor on the headlight bringing everything together with the seat and tank paint. Finished of by some huge bad ass tyres and some sexy black rims. I look forward to see much more from these guys but this is a stunning example of a custom scrambler.














When you look at the original donor and see what it looks like now its unbelievable that it is the same bike.