BMW Special on a BMW R 100 GS : The Scramblerona

The bike is called The Scramblerona because normally for the scramblers on a BMW basis are used models with more compact dimensions and geometries, such as those road bikes with front rims of 18 ” and reduced fork travel. The basis of this, instead is a BMW R100 GS dated 1989 with front rim of 21″ and quite high off the ground. The Scramblerona stems from the request of Roberto Magnani, nickname Rupert for his friends, a fan of custom motorcycles , and built by the expert hands of his friend Alessandro Arletti who has transformed his passion for the motors in a full time hobby (A. A. Motospeciali). The guidelines for the transformation of The Scramblerona were very simple: taking a look at the special bikes already made by Alessandro mixed up with the personal taste of Rupert, the details of most aesthetic impact have been identified fairly quickly: tank, fenders, side panels and seat. Besides, what else is there that features a naked bike reduced to the essentials?

The only imposition of Rupert: the transformation must be completely reversible, that is to say, the bike must be able to come back exactly as in origin! This has naturally imposed some constraints, fortunately only a few, especially regarding the budget, having to buy some extra parts to be able to cut and shape without touching the original parts. So the rear frame of another GS was cut, shortened and adapted by hand and a new battery pack. For the tank was chosen the tank from G/S first series one of the finest tanks ever made by the Bavarian Company that gives the bike a very sleek and streamlined. For the painting was opted for a semi-matte military green with the cheeks brushed aluminum semi-gloss black and threads made by hand directly on the tank, so as to capture both the black color of the frame and the new aluminum fenders semi-polished (low front fender instead of the high fender like the original version).

The rims and valve covers were painted black to give The Scramblerona a more aggressive look. In addition, the original front brake disc 280mm has been replaced by a much more powerful 320mm disc with caliper spacers made of billet aluminum. New brake hose kits for maximum performance under braking. The original side panels have been replaced by handcrafted side panels made of black leather expertly trimmed following the design of the frame. Dashboard and headlight removed, only the speedometer has been kept and housed just above the new round headlight 180mm taken from a BMW R45 on which were lodged the two main indicators: oil pump and battery. The ignition lock has been moved to the left under the tank. Aftermarket scrambler tail-light and plate riveted directly on the fender. Crash-bars also removed and consequently also the side stand and the oil cooler relocated centrally behind the front forks thanks to a specific kit. New shot brushed aluminum arrows much more sober than the originals but still with a vintage look.

The saddle was made entirely by hand from a base of finely shaped aluminum to remain flush with the size of the frame, resulting much shorter and slimmer than the original, but still maintaining a length of a two-seater just as comfortable. Dark brown leather to contrast the green military tank, with tone on tone stitching and profiles from a vintage look. It lies a strip of skin on the back of the tank to ensure continuity and make it one with the saddle. For the exhaust the original manifolds were kept but covered by a gray heat shield band and united in a single terminal racing bullet silencer with db killer.

The result you can see it well from the photos, a BMW GS 1989 which, although already more agile than the newer models, it has become even more with a look and sound like a real Special!

BMW R100GS SCRAMBLER lowres BEFORE&AFTER lowres 20140328_25lowres 20140226_21lowres