Custom R45 BMW Scrambler GONZO by El Solitario MC

Since I’m on a roll with the whole custom scramblers I found this beauty manufactured by El Solitario MC. The custom R45 BMW scrambler or the ‘Gonzo’ bike as it’s called is a beautifully finished and presented custom scrambler. The matt black engine block and exhaust look stunning and with a super chunky rear tire make this bike look bad ass. Some times simplicity is always better and the clean lines and parts on this bike really work. The two massive PIAA’s on the front look super cool.

I really like this motorcycle company they customise so many different bikes from BMW’s to Triumphs and they also have a pretty sweet store that sells really cool looking clothing and accessories. You’ll be seeing more from our friends at El Solitario MC in the near future.

Image: El Solitario MC