1974 Custom Honda CB 125 by Dauphine-Lamarck


David Marvier the Paris based photographer and favourite of Moto Verso has captured Dauphine-Lamarck’s beautiful custom Honda CB 125 with his latest photo shoot.¬†Dauphine-Lamarck speciality is 60’s to 80’s Honda motorcycles with an aim of making them accessible for everyone. Customizing small capacity Honda’s in the suburbs of Paris there philosophy is the passion for the history of objects , their past. It’s all about bringing new life to tired old machines that are past there best and DL seem to love that history. Honda have manufactured a lot of best selling two-wheeler’s under 126cc which has beautiful history in DL’s eyes. “Few people accept this, and how much it has influenced us in the modern society”.

The idea is to make these two worlds relate, to make discover this story those people who might not be sensible to it. We realize the majority of works on our own, far from industrialized productions. It’s the risk to be obliged to restart everything if the work is not satisfactory. In fact, I think that the motorcycles we create correspond more to way of life than to some specific type.


For this bike i wanted a without fuss 125, to create a simple racer, grey, equilibrated, something timeless. My purpose was to create a motorbike with Honda NOS pieces only !
The base is a CBS125 from 1974. I add a 12 volts engine with a XL 350 piston; all fuelled by a ATC 200 carburettor.

Regarding the bike’s striped, i choose a 9cm extended arm, the front fork reduced, making the bike elongated and trimmed down, the wheels come from a CB 125 K5 with a massive front brake double cam. A tank, drag bar from an S90 and a CB200’s headlight were added to give the steam machine a 60’s look !

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