Super Stylish Motorcycle Helmets by Busch and Busch

This is one sweet looking helmet and show case of master craftsman. Brothers Daniel and Lance Busch are responsible for bringing us a bit of luxury with one of Stylish Motorcycle Helmets.  It’s difficult to tell from the photographs but it’s actually a very dark pearlescent blue which I image looks really cool in direct sunlight. The hand painted graphics really finish the whole thing off and tie everything together with an art deco feel.

I really envy Daniel and Lance as they get to do what they love every day, hard work I’m sure and probably took years to set everything up just right. I really wish I had the ball’s and the skill to just do it but clearly I have none so I best stop moaning and just keep admiring others who are doer’s and dreamers! They describe themselves as “just two dudes trying to do what they love” and they do it exceptionally well. We need more people in the work like these guys creating sweet machines.

Specialising in custom motorcycles, hot rods and art they are talented across the board turning there hands to creating amazing custom helmets, motorcycles and artworks. I can’t wait to feature one of there motorcycles on Moto Verso as they are more than worthy of being on here. Take this helmet for example, I would never think that you could make something so ordinary so frecking stylish and cool/

They made the visor in a clamshell shape to fit the art deco vibe, and Danny machined the badge. It’s made of two pieces welded together, then sanded smooth, and the badge was welded into the cutout in the crown.  The cheek pieces have been remade out of leather along with the straps. The deep blue and light leather really compliment each other and as they say “Really classes it up, and since it’s a novelty helmet, not DOT approved” but hell when has safety regulations ever looked good.

Super Stylish Motorcycle Helmets by Busch and Busch

Super Stylish Motorcycle Helmets by Busch and Busch