Major Tom Custom GSXR 750R by ICON1000

I love ICON1000, they have a style all to there own and this certainly fits the bill. This amazing looking¬†Custom GSXR 750R called Major Tom is like nothing I’be seen before. With it’s solid rims and beautifully crafter bodywork it’s a true masterpiece in my eyes. I absolutely love the vent they have put in the fairing and the unfinished bare metal look really fits well with the post apocalyptic Mad Max esq industrial look that’s very it at the minute.. The tank is another beautifully crafted piece with the Japanese script built into it which must have been impossible to do at the time.

The fighter jet style flick switches on the dash are truly brilliant with just a single rev counter for driver data. The thing just looking bloody brilliant. I always like how Icon1000 give each custom build a back story with this one being even more brilliant than the last. The clues in the name with Major Tom and a crash landing on re-entry going horribly wrong. Major Tom like a phoenix from the flames rose back with salvaged souls, re-imagined in beautiful metal.

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