Custom BMW R100 by Robinson’s Speed Shop

Finally I’m back and posting on Moto Verso. Work commitments have kept me away but I’m back on it!

This stunning custom BMW R100 caferacer has been built by Robinson’s speed shop. I love these guys, always produce such quality custom bikes with this R100. The flat black colours have been done to death but this looks so cool, flat black frame and wheels with a beautiful matt cream tank. Really loving the black pin stripe running round the tank, its the little things that make a difference.

There are many features on this build I like but the straight handle bars just look bad ass. The yellow glassed headlamp always looks amazing and fits the look perfectly.

This is just a super clean example of a cafe racer, stuby little exhaust and of course nice touch with the heat shield tape. Robinson’s Speed Shop have produced some pretty special motorcycles in there time but this one sits high up the list of favourites.


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