BMW R100R by Diamond Atelier

What a beauty! This BMW R100R is the third build from Munich based Diamond Atelier and it’s stunning! I absolutely love the low fit of the headlamp forming those beautiful swooping lines with the tank and seat. Not to mention the light itself, radical shape but fits well with the retro modern theme. No dials can be found on the beast with just a cut steel sheet in there place, looks so bad ass. The shortened from forks really drop the stance right down and filled out with those huge tyres result in a very cool sleek look I want to see more of.

Black Diamond said “With most “custom“ parts being bought from catalogues and not hand-build, the majority of these motorcycles look like they rolled off the same Cafe Racer production line.” You can see that this hasn’t any off the shelf parts and everything has been hand built and totally unique. Finishing with “It strived for a whole new mindset; Young entrants in an old-established niché; The next generation of Cafe Racers. That summer night, we founded Diamond Atelier.”

I’m really coming round the big chunky off road tyres on current cafe racers if that’s what you can call it. For me this is almost a urban scramble / cafe racer hybrid cafe scrambler. Who am I to say – I love it though from the subtle orange pin stripe right through to the fine spoked black rims on these fat tyres on the R100.




Diamond_Atelier_DA3_2WLK9384_photo_Philipp_Wulk-1120x746 Diamond_Atelier_DA3_4WLK0667_photo_Philipp_Wulk-1120x746 Diamond_Atelier_DA3_3WLK9250_photo_Philipp_Wulk-1120x746

Diamond_Atelier_DA3_7WLK9610_photo_Philipp_Wulk-1120x746 Diamond_Atelier_DA3_10WLK9706_photo_Philipp_Wulk-1120x746 Diamond_Atelier_DA3_9WLK9632_photo_Philipp_Wulk-1120x746 Diamond_Atelier_DA3_8WLK9673_photo_Philipp_Wulk-1120x746