Cafe Racer Dreams Honda CB 750 KZ Black Cream

Ok I’ll admit it, I’m slightly obsessed at the moment with café racers! Especially the new build motorcycles styled like the old but with modern parts and paint, they are just the coolest things on the road at the moment. ‘Black Cream’ by CRD that’s Café Racers Dreams is no exception, I’m mean just look at it I don’t think money can buy a cooler set of wheels.

Black Cream is just one of the bikes that CRD offer and this particular bike is started life as a Honda CB 750 KZ before it got the special treatment. CRD call this Enduro Style and have fit huge chunky military spec Firestone tyres onto the bike wrapping round some very spectacular black wheels. This is the look that I love at the moment, even the simplicity of the exhaust wrapped in heat shield tape looks so good. Café Racers are all about being light and fast and as you can see at the rear of the bike CRD have gone to town stripping everything off just leaving the frame, mud guard and a wafer thing seat which look awesome. The paint on this bike is cool as well matt black throughout all the engine, frame and components with a classy yet simple three tone custom tank including that little hint of coffee in a pin stripe that the name mentions.

One day I will own a café racer and CRD have always been my inspiration, based in Madrid, Spain they offer 15 plus different styles of café racers that you can turn up and order. I will certainly be showcasing more of there work when I have calmed down.

Images: Café Racer Dreams