BMW R80/7 Custom – UM-Gold by Untitled Motorcycles

Now gold is not normally a colour that you would associate with anything with wheels, they can look very tacky and cheap ironically. But Untitled Motorcycles have produced this gorgeous BMW R80/7 Custom covered in gold leaf and it looks amazing. I’ve always loved Untitled Motorcycles work they have produced some really amazing bikes over the years. Based in Camden, London the photography of all there bikes uses all the features of there local area which always looks really cool.

UMC have produced a custom seat and also added a new wiring look on the bike. With classic British switch gear and a sweet looking custom handle bar. I love the custom head light that has been custom made to fit the speedo, oil and neutral lamps. They have also customised the front and rear mudguards on the BMW which look so good in the gold. The addition of new rear miller stop lights with UMC bracket adds a cool vintage touch to the build along with the UMC fabricated headers.

I really like the satin black BMW snow flakes that adorn the huge Bembo brakes. The subframe has been customized and made into a 3/4 seat along with all brackets that were not needed being removed. They have also added an under frame battery box. The gold leafed tank, headlight and mudguards have been sprayed with a clear lacquer to protect them on it’s travel. It looks really good, it’s not a smooth finish which is what I like but it looks amazing for it.



BMW R80/7 Custom BMW R80/7 Custom BMW R80/7 Custom

BMW R80/7 Custom untitled-motorcycles-gold-8 untitled-motorcycles-gold-5