Custom BMW R100 RT 01 by Blitz Motorcycles

This cool looking BMW R100 RT 01 has been built by Blitz Motorcycles from Paris, France. The bike was commission by a French insurance company La Parisienne. Blitz said “We wanted to go for something brutal, radical and never seen before with a BMW basis” and I think they have managed to achieve everything they set out to do. It’s a aggressive looking machine, stripped back with a great stance. The oversized wheels add a lot to the look of the bike and certainly give it that radical look that Blitz set out to achieve.

It’s the little touches that I love on this bike like the short mufflers painted in high temperature matt black. But the really cool touch is the inside of the pipes are paint red which give it a really aggressive military feel. The tank comes from a Yamaha 500XT which isn’t the only part from a Yamaha with the front brake master cylinder and clutch lever coming from a Yamaha R1. The headlight has come from a vintage rally car which looks amazing, the yellow tint adds so much to the look of the bike.

The subframe has been handmade by Blitz and welded to the original frame which has then had a dark grey powder coating. The engine has had some extra’s added starting with a 100% reconditioned Bing carburators with bespoke aluminum air filters and a cheeky K&N engine breather. I like the paint on the paint, it’s a really simple design but has a classic racing feel.

Photos: Gary Jézégabel


Custom BMW R100 RT 01 by Blitz Motorcycles Custom BMW R100 RT 01 by Blitz Motorcycles Custom BMW R100 RT 01 by Blitz Motorcycles La_Parisienne_5 La_Parisienne_4 La_Parisienne_3