Black and Copper CB550 by Kott Motorcycles

Not only is this one stunning custom motorcycle but its a piece of motorcycle art! The Black and Copper CB550 was built by Kott Motorcycles an independently-owned company based in the Los Angeles. They specialize in the fabrication and design of vintage motorcycles, namely bikes from the 1970’s Honda CB series and god do they do it well. Kott said “My love of motorcycles goes back as far as I can remember. I have memories of sitting in front of my dad on a motorcycle as early as 2 years old and I cannot remember ever wanting to do anything else with my life.”

The Black and Copper started life as a 1970’s Honda CB550 if you haven’t already guessed. The swingarms have been extended by Garrett at Relic Motorcycles that enhanced the already additional length and gave this bike a menacing drag bike look. This is a true Cafe Racer with beautiful low long sporting lines with everything that isn’t needed thrown straight into the bin. The black works perfectly and really set off the entire bikes look with the subtle copper and that gorgeous distressed brown leather seat. The seat has been extended slightly which really helps with feel of spped this motorcycle has just sat still. Love the light placement on the Black and Copper CB550 as well, looks bad ass!

The 1977 and 1978 single overhead cam CB’s incorporated several changes to the earlier models. Not all of these changes were well received but some of those changes can be enhanced to make the best machine possible. The later model frames and swingarms were slightly longer than the earlier models and elongated the wheel base of these machines. Kott said ” I experimented with the truncated seat length proved in my opinion to give the bike a sense of animated proportions that offered the machine the look of an almost floating tank and seat combination once again harkening to the vintage drag stance.”

This is one of the best cafe racers I have posted about on Moto Verso. I’m very excited to see what else come from Kott Motorcycles in the future.


Black and Copper CB550 by Kott Motorcycles Black and Copper CB550 by Kott Motorcycles Black and Copper CB550 by Kott Motorcycles Black and Copper CB550 by Kott Motorcycles Kott_blackandcopper_550__0026 Kott_blackandcopper_550__0020 Kott_blackandcopper_550__0018