Bandit 9’s MAGNUS Custom Motorcycle

Based in Beijing Bandit 9 specialise in custom design, engineering and bespoke motorcycles. All the bike they build are hand made and totally unique. Bandit explain that “the name Bandit9 comes from the idea that bandits, pirates and outlaws are the kings of innovation and individualism” I couldn’t agree more I think they have a really cool industrial street look and love the bikes they produce.

Bandit 9 go on and explain the inspiration behind there bikes “Our goal is to build motorcycle sculptures that weave performance, art and style. We focus on creating iconic one-of-a-kind motorcycles that are all crafted by hand.

I shall be keeping a close eye on this company and looking out for further projects, to date I think they are my favorite custom bike builders and I hope you enjoy there bikes too. But if you know any more bike builders that you think could rival Bandit 9 I’d love to here from you and maybe feature them on the site.

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