ATJ-Project’s Custom Yamaha XS 650 Brat Motorcycle

Out of the blue I received an email from Adam over in Warsaw, Poland introducing ATJ-Projects and I saw it had a couple of attachments with the email telling me about there company and that they specialise in building cafe, brat style and street tracker bikes. I went straight to the images to checkout there work and wasn’t disappointed in fact I was calling people over to check out there work and everyone agreed how cool there custom motorcycles are.

ATJ-Projects  is a custom motorcycle garage based in Warsaw, Poland owned and run by two brothers. The specialise in buying old or destroyed motorcycles and renovating them with a mix of components from different styles like moto-cross, our there  own ideas. Most parts are hand  made by ATJ  like the fender, seat, painting tank etc.

The first custom motorcycle of ATJ-Projects I wanted to feature was there custom brat style Yamaha XS 650 which as you can see from the photos it looks so cool cruising the streets and sits beautifully on these black wheels. The brat style really shines through with the short rear fender covered in leather and looks brilliant. I think the brothers from ATJ will be a motorcycle builder to watch in the future there current style is just what people are looking for with that perfect blend of style and mechanical beauty. The paint on the tank rock with a cheeky racing stripe of centre and a fine looking tank cap.

They have sent through a couple more motorcycles and I can;t wait to show you more of what they can produce. Show them some love and support them by publishing there motorcycles.

Facebook Page: ATJ-Projects