1989 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 – The Mechadoll by Crabmotors

Daniel from Crabmotors lives in Lucerne, Switzerland. It’s a small, cozy village with a lake and the high Swiss mountain’s are his playground. The long winters in Switzerland gives them plenty of time to work in the garage and short summer time are for riding as much as possible. It’s the Swiss way and the rhythm in the area. Daniel said “so I need a bike for trips to the Alps, some off road action and also city riding. Rough, all purpose, nimble, simple, travel friendly and powerful. Cause all motorcycles that I had previously broke down within a short time. A Sportster seemed to be a good choice and being in Switzerland we have a strict law and customizing a motorcycle is more like a zig zag path than a wide free way. So means no loud exhausts, no cutting or welding on the frame, and so on. But we don’t need to put blinkers and fenders!”

The first Sportster Crabmotors built was a bratstyle bobber, called ‘engine of December’. It was built it in a very cold December in a heater-free garage. He took the bike on a trip through the French Alps in summer 2012 which you can see here . They had a lot of fun with the 1200ccm machine. Daniel said ” for the moment, I ride the EO12 with motocross tyres as a daily rider. I am going to rework the bike soon, everything will be done including brakes, electrics, gaskets.”

1989 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200

Last winter, another Sportster lay on the table. The idea was to create a more offroad oriented bike for longer trips. The donor was a 1989 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 4 gear. After the first strip down of all the useless parts from the original machine, They took a side picture and spent hours in photoshop to find the right idea, lines, colors and parts setup. The idea for a bike starts often with just one unique part like a seat, a handlebar or a gas tank and then build the bike around that part. In case of the Mechadoll, it was the plastic rear fender which fits perfectly in the early Sportster frame.  All the other parts were found quickly like a bigger gas tank, a 17″ rear wheel, biltwell motocross bars and seat, 15″ rear shocks, stiffer fork springs, motogadget speedo, bates headlight, USB socket, thunderslide carb kit and the avon distanzia tyres. The wheels got  powdercoated along with the fork bridge and some other parts in black, painted the gas tank with a matt gray and the result is ‘The Machadoll’. Daniel has tested it on a camping trip to Italy’s elba island last June which I be was epic.

Daniel said “As you can see, I do not build bling bling bikes for to get attention or to go on custom shows. I build motorcycles that are totally personalized and will bring the most possible quantity of fun on and offroad”

Images: Lorenz Richard Photography

Website: crabmotors.ch

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