1985 Moto Guzzi V65 – Trimotoro by Legends El Solitario

The Trimotoro 1985 Moto Guzzi V65 is the latest offering from my all time favourite custom motorcycles builders El Solitario. This very honest custom started life as a 1985 Guzzi V65 and is at the higher end of El Solitario’s range. I love the tank on this bike with it’s angular finish and unfinished bare metal which I imagine was a right shit to weld and get symmetrical.

El Solitario said “don’t be fooled by the delicate disguise, Trimotoro was designed and built always with performance in mind, placing “big” Guzzis at a stake when approaching a twisty mountain road.” It is truly a work of art this machine, the fine vents on the rear of the bike and the loving crafted and aged exhaust system along with the strapped padding for seat cover.

They always build bikes with character and what better start than a Moto Guzzi as a base. Just look at the the twin square lights, it looks amazing! The dropped low handle bars with wrapped leather grips just finish the bike of. El Solitario said “Trimotoro took more than 800 hours & was our biggest nightmare for almost a year. We had to repeat almost every part, more than a couple of times, but in the end it became the house’s favourite motorcycle out of the armada.”

The photographs were taken at night inside El Solitario Garage by KT Fender, she has a great eye for a photograph especially when it comes to things with a engine.