1983 Honda CB550SC NIGHTHAWK by Karnage Kustomz

The latest custom motorcycle from Karnage Kustomz is this 1983 Honda CB550SC Nighthawk called “Killing Time”. Loving the worn tank, really like it that they have kept it as nature intended. I especially like the the handle bars on this bike, really unusual with some really cool brown grips. It’s a really nice well put together bike is the Nighthawk, it’s been stripped of anything not needed. The engine look really well in black and satin brushed silver along with a really nice short little rear fender.

A nice dark brown leather seat finishes the bike of and fits really well with the build theme and brown grips. The star wheel pattern is really cool too and maybe one of my favourite set of rims on a bike, very retro!

Karnage Kustomz have built nearly a 13 bikes so they know a thing or two about putting together a custom build. This is made even more inpressive with the fact that Karnage Kustomz is a one man band with all these stunning bikes been made by Eric Nemzer. The last one I feature was a Suzuki Rat Rod, I can see a little inspiration from the previous one but the rat look has only slightly been pursued. The website is full of all the old builds and has a blog with all the work they do on the bikes in really time which is very cool.

Website: karnagekustomz.com

Images: karnagekustomz.com

1983 Honda CB550SC NIGHTHAWK by Karnage Kustomz 1983 Honda CB550SC NIGHTHAWK by Karnage Kustomz 1983 Honda CB550SC NIGHTHAWK by Karnage Kustomz P5211690 P5211687 P5211684 P5211678 P5211678 (1) P5211677 P5211676 P5211673 P5211672 P5211671 P5211670 P5211669 P5211670