1980 Honda CX500 Bobber by Barn Built Cafe Racer

What an amazing motorbike! This 1980 Honda CX500 Bobber was built by Barn Built Cafe Racer and his third CX500 in 6 months. The cleanness of this build was the first thing that grabbed me with a perfect blend of old and new. This bike has some very unique fabricated parts starting with the tail mount for the bobber seat, sports bike mono shock conversion. They also added custom aluminium footpegs and tachometer to give it that modern feel. I particularly like the two into one exhaust conversion and the fact it runs under the engine giving it a more streamlined look.

Barn Built said “it took me 4-5 steel fabricated kits to get the right angle / height and overall shape of it before I was totally happy. I will have a kit set-up for sale that will include the seat mount with SS bolts, the shock and seat itself in 3 colours.” I really like how this bobber looks, it doesn’t have look at me colours which I like but instead a a subtle cream, brown and gold theme that makes it look quality. Just look how clean the engine and rad are looking on this build, you could eat your dinner of it! It definitely adds something to the bike though. This particular 1980 Honda CX500 Bobber has now been sold but check back as they are always starting new projects.

It amazes me all the different visions people must have for the CX 500 just looking at the archives you can see how totally different all the custom work is from Street trackers, cafe racers and bobbers. Out of all the bike manufacturers Honda are by far and away the most popular base bike for any custom motorcycle project. The snow in the photographs is pretty fitting and forgive me for saying this but it’s a cool bike!

Website: barnbuiltcaferacer.com

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