Bonneville Salt Flats Hot Rods by Colorsponge

Bonneville salt flats hot rods are always cool, it’s sacred ground when it comes to anything automotive especially speed records. Colorsponge has created these stunning images of a really cool hot rod out at the salt flats.  These guys have some serious skills when it comes to 3d rendering and image retouching, this set of images looks fantastic and captures everything you’d ever want from a hot rod out on the flats. Loving the single roll bars behind the driver really makes this thing look badass.

Salt on the rubber and all over the door panels makes this render look even more realistic, it had me fooled until I read a little about the project. I’ve said this so many times but it’s true, it’s all about the details. It was a brave move doing a rat rod with an exposed engine, especially as they choose to do it mostly chrome but my god does it look good. The more you look the more you see!

This is really somewhere that I need to visit, the place looks so inspiring and I bet the atmosphere on event days in like nothing on earth. Ever since I watched the Anthony Hopkins film The World’s Fastest Indian I was a little obsessed by the place, it had an almost unhuman vibe to it with anything been possible if you had the right attitude and big enough balls.



Bonneville Salt Flats Hot Rods by Colorsponge

Bonneville Salt Flats Hot Rods by Colorsponge

Bonneville Salt Flats Hot Rods by Colorsponge