Killer Hot Rod Art – Masters of Chicken Scratch Vol 2 by Dwayne Vance

This is one sweet hot rod art book, Dwayne Vance takes you through some of the world’s best hot rod and automotive artists in the second instalment of his successful Masters of Chicken Scratch Series. The new book is slightly larger and finished to an excellent standard, beautifully laid out and fantastic colour prints. This is not just an art book though it also comes with a DVD that is 2hrs and of instructional tutorials on Drawing and rendering cars by Dwayne Vance. The book is packed with stunning hot rod artwork but also features other cars too from modern designs to some vintage looking speed festival style images. I was totally blown away by the standard of artwork in this book and is a must have for any petrol head.

It includes new and a few returning artist. Names in this volume include Dwayne Vance, Tom Fritz, Larry Erickson, Jeff Norwell Max Grundy ,Eric Tscherne, Tavis Highlander , John Frye, Charlie Decker, Mark Jones, Christian Pearce, Eric Black, Jean Baptiste Robbi, Joe Iacono, Chris Brown. Dwayne a artist, author and designer was recently interviewed by car legend Jay Leno at his garage about his new book, you can watch the interview here.

Masters of Chicken Scratch Vol 2 is available to buy at only $40.00 directly from Dwayne’s online store

Images: Dwayne Vance